Exploring Sokcho

Someone once asked me why I like to travel alone. Am I not lonely? My immediate response was that I just enjoyed it. But after thinking more about it, I think I also like the solitude of being alone as I observe my new surroundings. To listen. This is usually the case especially after several days of being surrounded by people and constantly speaking. Don’t misunderstand, I like people a lot. And the fact that I only have a few good friends here in South Korea kills. But after being surrounded by people for work, I just need to be alone for a day and a half at most, THEN I crave to be back with company.

So for my alone time, I chose to travel to Sokcho. Going there on Chuseok Holiday may be the least recommended time to travel. Actually, traveling during Chuseok, from what I’ve been told, isn’t that recommended. Traffic was insane and I was riding the bus for over six hours. But it was all worth it once I arrived in my hotel room. I chose to stay in HJ House, which is about 5 minutes walk to the beach. However, had a little opsie when I was trying to enter my room… watch the room tour video below…

Sokcho has recently become more popular, thanks to Pokemon Go. It was one of the first things I noticed upon arriving at the beach. Most of the people were on their phones playing the game. I nearly jumped on the bandwagon to play, but decided against it as I didn’t want my phone battery dying quickly and didn’t want to use up my data… Otherwise, the town seem’s very idyllic and it made me wish a tiny bit that I was camping on the beach instead.

Anyways, here’s how my stay in Sokcho looked like 🙂

– A


Places I visited:


  • Sony Alpha 5100

Lunch break

It must be fall season now. The weather is getting cooler and my trench coat has been pulled out from my closet. Next thing I know, I’m back to wearing boots! Just waiting for the leaves to turn into its fiery color this year.img_1313-1img_1372-1With cooler weather beginning, I find myself making my way outdoors more often. Maybe just to catch more sunlight for myself or just to soak in more warmth as I brace myself for the cold winter months coming up ahead.

I’m fortunate to be living very close to a big park. When things can get a bit busy at work, during my breaks, I can just easily drop by this place for a quick stroll.img_1353-1My lunch breaks are usually the best times to go to this place. Other ahjumma’s and ahjusshi’s would be found doing their noon-time exercise out here, but it doesn’t interrupt the birds from singing. Otherwise, I’m always be lucky to find a very quiet spot to read a book and write.img_1316-1img_1363img_1318-1img_1344-1img_1379img_1382-1Hoping that even as the weather turns, that I still find myself outside just to enjoy nature’s presence.


A street cat and a cafe…

Found myself back in Seoul. This time around, it’s for work rather than my own leisure. But even though that’s the case, I still try to squeeze in a couple hours of fun into the visit since it does take a 4 hour bus ride to the city from where I’m from. 

This time around, Matt – my local tour guide – took me to this cafe called Cafe Laundry. Upon arrival, we were greeted by this lovely tabby. My heart melted. She was so sweet and friendly, I didn’t give a care that I was allergic to cats.She made herself quite at home where we were seated, and I was just enjoying her company. This is what happens to an animal deprived gal. 

Once the cat left (to my disappointment), Matt and I got to chatting with the owner of the cafe. The owner, who also happens to be a talented artist, shared with us that this cat is just the neighborhoods friendly cat. She just felt really comfortable to be with us. The cat’s absence allowed me to better observe my surroundings. As I sipped my freshly made grape juice and Matt snaps away photos of his coffee, I noticed that although the place was small, it has a fun side to it. 

As I mentioned, the owner is an artist. At first glance, you think she barely decorated her cafe. But it takes a second glance to notice hidden art pieces. You’ll need to visit to see what I’m talking about. I always enjoy being in creative spaces. It makes for great conversations and spending ones time. Plus, the visit was even more special with the cat around. 

Exploring Seoul with Chea

Meeting friends on this side of the planet is always a great treat! This time around, I’ve finally caught up with my friend since high school – Richard Chea. Or Chea for short.

The last time we saw each other was about six years ago, after I left the high school we both attended for a private academy. Since then, along with a couple others, I kept in touch with him.

When I learned that he was here in South Korea last year, I reached out to him to ask him about his own experience living and teaching here. Before I arrived, he has finished his work-study experience and has returned to California before we could have the chance to meet up.

Until this past month. He came back for a visit and we finally got the chance to hang-out!

For lunch, we hit up one of his favorite restaurants – Nine Road Pizzeria in Gangnam. It was my first time trying out the restaurant’s food, and it wasn’t disappointing!


After lunch, we explored a bit of Gangnam – only to quickly head off to Banpo Bridge (since he hasn’t been there before). Personally, I think the best time to go to this place is at night, when you can witness the Rainbow Fountain show, whilst eating take-out chicken. But since I had to head back home that night for work the next day, we had to make do with daylight.

On a clear and sunny day, Seoul is amazing to be in. This is especially true when you’re strolling next to the Han River and you can easily spot Namsan Tower from where you’re standing. While in the Banpo Bridge area, I highly suggest visiting Some Sevit (Seoul Floating Islands). It has a couple restaurants, shops, and a Hello Artist exhibition featuring a digitalized rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork. The exhibit was was both educational and beautiful.


Although our hangout was brief, it was great catching up with Chea. Especially on this side of the planet!



So I’ve been traveling…

… a lot recently. Even though that’s been the case, I haven’t placed much effort into sharing videos on my YouTube channel of the Places and Spaces I’ve been to. However, I definitely have been consistent about my #happyarvedays challenge on Instagram. (I have just accomplished Day 54! Go check it out!).

Otherwise, here’s a pictorial essay of my recent adventures. I hope this satiates your curiosity for the time being of what I’ve been up to.


Much love and blessings to you,





Places And Spaces To Be In: Suncheon

Another adventure from South Korea.

Suncheon prides itself in its wonderful botanical and ecological parks. Their parks are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon (or day – if you want) walking about. If you ever make the trip out, don’t forget to look down. You will be able to spot some crabs and Goggly-eyed mud fish hopping about! And if you’re adventurous enough like my friend an co-worker, Jessica, try catching crab with a reed! She NEARLY caught one, but it let go in the last minute.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the suggestion from Jessica. Initially, I suggested that we go to Gokseong (another video to share in the future). However, she convinced me otherwise. So, I’m very grateful that she was willing to take Mecha and me out to a new place.

So here’s to having friends who are willing to introduce you to new places!


Taking A Break From The City

A couple weeks ago, a group of us foreign teachers got together to have lunch. We all work for the same institute, but in different branches. Whilst walking towards the restaurant, my team and I were showing our area to the other team. One of the other members mentioned that my team and I are fortunate in to be placed where we are.

I would have to agree with him.

The institute I work for is right in front of a big park that also happens to have a beautiful temple and library in it. It is perfect for walks and soaking up some sun while reading a good book.

Although this video doesn’t show how the park in front of my institute looks like, I wanted to emphasize the importance of stepping out of the city and enjoying nature. There is always a sense of calmness and rejuvenation whenever I’m out of the city.

– A


A Daytrip Away

Took a break from the busy city to immerse myself amongst the bamboos. It’s my second time visiting Damyang and it’s still as refreshing as the first time I visited.


This time around I took my new friend and co-worker, Roxana. Fresh from California, she is teaching our institute for only two months before she has to return for school. With the short time she has here in Korea, I wanted to introduce her to as much as Korea has to offer.


Nonetheless, the day trip was amazing as we walked under the bamboo forest, had some tea, ate some bamboo ice cream, and cycled next the riverwalk.