Places And Spaces To Be In: Suncheon

Another adventure from South Korea.

Suncheon prides itself in its wonderful botanical and ecological parks. Their parks are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon (or day – if you want) walking about. If you ever make the trip out, don’t forget to look down. You will be able to spot some crabs and Goggly-eyed mud fish hopping about! And if you’re adventurous enough like my friend an co-worker, Jessica, try catching crab with a reed! She NEARLY caught one, but it let go in the last minute.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the suggestion from Jessica. Initially, I suggested that we go to Gokseong (another video to share in the future). However, she convinced me otherwise. So, I’m very grateful that she was willing to take Mecha and me out to a new place.

So here’s to having friends who are willing to introduce you to new places!


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