A street cat and a cafe…

Found myself back in Seoul. This time around, it’s for work rather than my own leisure. But even though that’s the case, I still try to squeeze in a couple hours of fun into the visit since it does take a 4 hour bus ride to the city from where I’m from. 

This time around, Matt – my local tour guide – took me to this cafe called Cafe Laundry. Upon arrival, we were greeted by this lovely tabby. My heart melted. She was so sweet and friendly, I didn’t give a care that I was allergic to cats.She made herself quite at home where we were seated, and I was just enjoying her company. This is what happens to an animal deprived gal. 

Once the cat left (to my disappointment), Matt and I got to chatting with the owner of the cafe. The owner, who also happens to be a talented artist, shared with us that this cat is just the neighborhoods friendly cat. She just felt really comfortable to be with us. The cat’s absence allowed me to better observe my surroundings. As I sipped my freshly made grape juice and Matt snaps away photos of his coffee, I noticed that although the place was small, it has a fun side to it. 

As I mentioned, the owner is an artist. At first glance, you think she barely decorated her cafe. But it takes a second glance to notice hidden art pieces. You’ll need to visit to see what I’m talking about. I always enjoy being in creative spaces. It makes for great conversations and spending ones time. Plus, the visit was even more special with the cat around. 

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