A Daytrip Away

Took a break from the busy city to immerse myself amongst the bamboos. It's my second time visiting Damyang and it's still as refreshing as the first time I visited. This time around I took my new friend and co-worker, Roxana. Fresh from California, she is teaching our institute for only two months before she has to … Continue reading A Daytrip Away

Places and Spaces to Be In: Boseong

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q20UKIMeNaE Who doesn't like adventure on a gorgeous and sunny day? On top of that, be surrounded by green tea! When Bruce, a friend who happens to also be my student, invited us for a trip out with his girlfriend - Chad, Maddy, and I definitely had to say "Yes!" Aside from Nami Island, Boseong County is a definite … Continue reading Places and Spaces to Be In: Boseong

125 Days of Korea

  I am one lucky girl to be having this experience. The past 125 days living in Korea has been filled with new friendships, new sights, delicious food, amazing coffee, and wonderful experiences. So much that I may have to get myself a new journal soon! Plus, I'm not even halfway through this journey!