A Daytrip Away

Took a break from the busy city to immerse myself amongst the bamboos. It’s my second time visiting Damyang and it’s still as refreshing as the first time I visited.


This time around I took my new friend and co-worker, Roxana. Fresh from California, she is teaching our institute for only two months before she has to return for school. With the short time she has here in Korea, I wanted to introduce her to as much as Korea has to offer.


Nonetheless, the day trip was amazing as we walked under the bamboo forest, had some tea, ate some bamboo ice cream, and cycled next the riverwalk.

Places and Spaces to Be In: Boseong

Who doesn’t like adventure on a gorgeous and sunny day? On top of that, be surrounded by green tea! When Bruce, a friend who happens to also be my student, invited us for a trip out with his girlfriend – Chad, Maddy, and I definitely had to say “Yes!”

Aside from Nami Island, Boseong County is a definite go-to spot if you ever visit South Korea. It not only gives you great views and fresh air, but also is an amazing break from the busy city life. The only downsides to visiting this place are that it has made me miss NorCal – especially the Napa Valley – and that it isn’t a walking distance from my apartment. A girl can only wish.

Before heading to this lovely place, I took some time to sit down and learn a bit of history about the place and how tea made it’s way over to this side of the earth from China. Most of the information was from Wikipedia (don’t judge), Boseong County’s main website, and from this blog. Learning the historical aspects of a location before and during the trip allows me to enjoy and appreciate the visit to the plantation. Sadly, our trip was too early for us to participate in tea picking as the event usually falls on April. But at least it gives me something to look forward to in the future, eh?

Directions to Boseong: here.

125 Days of Korea


I am one lucky girl to be having this experience. The past 125 days living in Korea has been filled with new friendships, new sights, delicious food, amazing coffee, and wonderful experiences. So much that I may have to get myself a new journal soon!

Plus, I’m not even halfway through this journey!

Thank you 2015. Hello 2016.


2015 came and went by so quickly. It is only sensible to reflect on what had happened last year.

So, how was 2015? I shall say, the beginning was a rough start. Grief was at the core of my being and I never knew that such emotion could wholly take me over. However, from all that pain, did I learn anything? Yes, I did. I have learned that I am surrounded by amazing people that I would ever hate to lose. That I have a strong desire to create, even more during the toughest times when words couldn’t express what I wanted to say. I have learned that I have the courage to leave home and live in a country which I barely spoke the language. That I am continuing to be a better person than I was yesterday. And as I wished, I am growing mentally and spiritually. Also, I have learned that no matter what happens, I have the power to pick myself up from any fall and still have a lot of care and love to give, because my Creator has empowered me that way. This wouldn’t have been possible without my family, friends, and even the kindness of mere strangers. So to everyone who has just began or has continued to be by my side, I love you and I gratefully thank you for making 2015 amazing.

As for 2016, I’m aiming to do three things: something old, something new, and something continued.

  • Something old: I’m going back to writing letters and postcards. There’s something exciting and nostalgic about putting pen to paper. Also, receiving something from the mail! If you would like a letter/postcard from me – let me know!
  • Something new: I’ve always wanted to skydive…
  • Something continued: learning the Korean language, improving on the ukulele, and ice skating backwards.

Simple? Yes! Attainable? Yes! These are some of the things I wish to share with you. I hope your 2016 is treating you well.


P.S. Since the last time I posted, the term ended and I was out and about traveling – mostly alone. My Instagram + Snapchats (@MissArve) have been the most up-to-date of my happenings. I shall be posting a new video on my YouTube soon.

Anyways, thank you for being part of my journey.

60 days in South Korea

Can you believe it? It’s been sixty days since I moved here.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m terrible at writing. I’m trying to change this bad habit my picking up my pen and writing more (or in this case, typing something up…). I do keep a physical journal, but like this blog, I’m terrible at logging something onto it. Even though that is the case, my move to Korea has given me more chances to write something – especially about my new experiences.

Let’s just say, since my 21st birthday, this year continues to be my year of firsts.

Traveling alone, living in a different country alone, having my own studio, teaching English, learning the ukulele, picking up the camera and filming, learning Korean, living in an area that gets real SNOW – all are amazing firsts. You can only imagine how this petite and naive lady is growing.

If you aren’t following me on my other Social Media platforms, I post there more frequently than here:

Bottom line: the move to South Korea is the best thing I’ve ever done – so far. I am practicing newfound talents, creating new friendships, and fulfilling my desire to travel more. Praising God for giving me all these opportunities!

BTW – as a quick catch up for yourself, my dear reader, please watch the video below.


Of Changes and Adventures…

The plan was: graduate, get a job, and live in NorCal. And then life happened.

I’m being cliche here – but I know we all could agree that in life, change happens a lot. Two things I’ve learned about change is that it is ugly and beautiful. It is ugly as it stops the routine of what you’re comfortable and used to. And, sadly, could lead to broken hearts. However, it is also beautiful as it enables you to make new discoveries about yourself – about your own strengths, talents, and personal beauty.

It’s imperative to have a plan. As the saying goes, “One who fails to plan plans to fail.” With that in mind, always be ready for change to happen every now and then. Yeah, maybe cry and gripe a little, but prod on and accept the new adventure in front of you.

Speaking of change (as my original plan is having a huge detour) I’m currently preparing myself to leave for South Korea to teach English in one of the institutes. This, to me, is an adventure that would only come once my way, so I’m taking advantage of it AND looking forward to the adventure of it.

With that, documenting my new adventure begins now.

Adventures on a Tuesday

Days til graduation: 74

For the longest time, I’ve been itching to go back to one of my favorite sunset spots in San Francisco. Ever since my friends took me there for the first time, it was a definite love at first site moment as the sun set in the horizon.  

Sutro Baths and its ruins has captured my heart. When I realized that I wasn’t too far from it on my drive to meet my aunt and cousin, I decided to make a quick adventure out of it. 

My craving to see the sunset in its beaches has finally been satisfied. The fact that it was amazingly windy and cold didn’t stop me from enjoying the moment as I firmly grasped the side of my dress to prevent it from giving an indecent show to other visitors.   

As my friend always says: carpe diem. And that I did.