Hello, again. 

Let’s catch-up a bit and Vasquez Rocks pt 2

Hello my dear little neglected space in this abyss called the internet. It’s been a while, and I’m so sorry for neglecting you! (Kinda…)
I started off this personal blog with somewhat a vague vision to share my travel experiences with you. But in a world where everyone is pretty much doing the same thing, I didn’t want to just create for the sake of creating. And to create without a purpose would also bother me…

But just to keep you guys up to speed of what’s happened to me this past nine months since coming back home from South Korea:

  • I’ve started, quit, and started a new job.
  • Traveled to Cebu, Philippines for two weeks while a war broke in the southernmost island (Marawi, Mindanao).
  • Hit up Napa Valley, California for a weekender.
  • Began MBA school. #CLASSOF2019
  • Made new friends through my friend, JR, and had a ton of fun taking them to new places.

Although I do my best to keep everyday interesting, the weekend adventures are what I look most forward to.

Take for example, this past weekend…

If you’re not familiar with the place already, let me introduce you to a place out of this world: Vasquez Rocks. Located about an hour from Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself wanting to sing the Lion King theme song (or is it just me…?). 

To give it more of an added effect, you can climb to the highest tip and pretend you’re Rafiki holding up baby Simba… just an idea…

Personally, I would suggest coming here late in the afternoon, close to closing time. Based on the times I’ve been there, there tends to be less people and it’s just amazing when you and your friends just own the place for more uninterrupted photo shoots. Plus, getting there for golden hour is an extra win.We tend to associate SoCal to Disneyland, LA, and Hollywood. Even I, myself, have fallen into this trap. It isn’t until you allow your curiosities to take you to meet new friends who would open wide your world and introduce you to new places and spaces that would make you realize: there’s more to SoCal than what meets the generic storyline we’ve constantly watched on screen.

It’s either that, or I missed the memo that we’re supposed to keep these beautiful spots a secret.

Of Changes and Adventures…

The plan was: graduate, get a job, and live in NorCal. And then life happened.

I’m being cliche here – but I know we all could agree that in life, change happens a lot. Two things I’ve learned about change is that it is ugly and beautiful. It is ugly as it stops the routine of what you’re comfortable and used to. And, sadly, could lead to broken hearts. However, it is also beautiful as it enables you to make new discoveries about yourself – about your own strengths, talents, and personal beauty.

It’s imperative to have a plan. As the saying goes, “One who fails to plan plans to fail.” With that in mind, always be ready for change to happen every now and then. Yeah, maybe cry and gripe a little, but prod on and accept the new adventure in front of you.

Speaking of change (as my original plan is having a huge detour) I’m currently preparing myself to leave for South Korea to teach English in one of the institutes. This, to me, is an adventure that would only come once my way, so I’m taking advantage of it AND looking forward to the adventure of it.

With that, documenting my new adventure begins now.