Places and Spaces to Be In: Boseong

Who doesn’t like adventure on a gorgeous and sunny day? On top of that, be surrounded by green tea! When Bruce, a friend who happens to also be my student, invited us for a trip out with his girlfriend – Chad, Maddy, and I definitely had to say “Yes!”

Aside from Nami Island, Boseong County is a definite go-to spot if you ever visit South Korea. It not only gives you great views and fresh air, but also is an amazing break from the busy city life. The only downsides to visiting this place are that it has made me miss NorCal – especially the Napa Valley – and that it isn’t a walking distance from my apartment. A girl can only wish.

Before heading to this lovely place, I took some time to sit down and learn a bit of history about the place and how tea made it’s way over to this side of the earth from China. Most of the information was from Wikipedia (don’t judge), Boseong County’s main website, and from this blog. Learning the historical aspects of a location before and during the trip allows me to enjoy and appreciate the visit to the plantation. Sadly, our trip was too early for us to participate in tea picking as the event usually falls on April. But at least it gives me something to look forward to in the future, eh?

Directions to Boseong: here.

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