60 days in South Korea

Can you believe it? It’s been sixty days since I moved here.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m terrible at writing. I’m trying to change this bad habit my picking up my pen and writing more (or in this case, typing something up…). I do keep a physical journal, but like this blog, I’m terrible at logging something onto it. Even though that is the case, my move to Korea has given me more chances to write something – especially about my new experiences.

Let’s just say, since my 21st birthday, this year continues to be my year of firsts.

Traveling alone, living in a different country alone, having my own studio, teaching English, learning the ukulele, picking up the camera and filming, learning Korean, living in an area that gets real SNOW – all are amazing firsts. You can only imagine how this petite and naive lady is growing.

If you aren’t following me on my other Social Media platforms, I post there more frequently than here:

Bottom line: the move to South Korea is the best thing I’ve ever done – so far. I am practicing newfound talents, creating new friendships, and fulfilling my desire to travel more. Praising God for giving me all these opportunities!

BTW – as a quick catch up for yourself, my dear reader, please watch the video below.


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I'm a storyteller.

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