Hiking Mudeungsan

This past December, I spent an afternoon with my friends, James and Melissa. We hiked part of Mudeungsan. Our original goal was to reach the top, but since we had a late start, we all agreed not to go too far.

Hiking is one of Korea’s favorite past times. It’s noticeable with their amazing gear and their beautifully, well-maintained trails. Not only that, I can agree that you can get some sort of addiction from breathing in the clean air and seeing the beautiful sceneries.

At the end of our hike, we rewarded ourselves to dessert. Then dinner.

Now that I’m back in California, I can only look back at these pictures as a reminder of those good times we spent together – especially in our hike. Wishing these two the best, wherever they may be in this small world.

Places and Spaces to Be In: Baegayangsa

Sometimes, the world just wanna be on fire. You know, the Autumn kind? 

(Ok, I know that’s a terrible joke.  But with what’s been happening lately back at home, I’m trying to find humor in the ridiculousness.)

So in celebration of the new season here in South Korea, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Baegyangsa to witness Autumn’s splendor. While there, I happen to also discover a new favorite tea: pine needle tea with some honey. To me, the tea smells like Christmas and tastes like deliciousness.

Much love from this new season,