Adventures on a Tuesday

Days til graduation: 74

For the longest time, I’ve been itching to go back to one of my favorite sunset spots in San Francisco. Ever since my friends took me there for the first time, it was a definite love at first site moment as the sun set in the horizon.  

Sutro Baths and its ruins has captured my heart. When I realized that I wasn’t too far from it on my drive to meet my aunt and cousin, I decided to make a quick adventure out of it. 

My craving to see the sunset in its beaches has finally been satisfied. The fact that it was amazingly windy and cold didn’t stop me from enjoying the moment as I firmly grasped the side of my dress to prevent it from giving an indecent show to other visitors.   

As my friend always says: carpe diem. And that I did. 

One Last Time: Spring 2015

Days til graduation: 77.  

I am back on campus for my last quarter. Excited about what my last classes for my undergraduate life has to offer as I’ll be learning how to fence and fly a plane. How cool is that?

Continuing my search for a job up north, it’s becoming prevalent that I’m very unsure of what my end goal is. I have this very vague and confusing picture of what I want, but it overall isn’t clear. Imagine a petite asian girl doing everything. That’s someone who has a lot of hats and things to hold onto. The good thing about that is: cool, I want to learn how to do everything. The bad thing is: I don’t know exactly what I want as a life career. 
As I’m trying to figure things out, like how to write the perfect cover letter for a potential job to understanding what my relevance and contribution to this world would be, all I know that every day, I want to be a bit wiser and have made at least one person feel loved.