One Last Time: Spring 2015

Days til graduation: 77.  

I am back on campus for my last quarter. Excited about what my last classes for my undergraduate life has to offer as I’ll be learning how to fence and fly a plane. How cool is that?

Continuing my search for a job up north, it’s becoming prevalent that I’m very unsure of what my end goal is. I have this very vague and confusing picture of what I want, but it overall isn’t clear. Imagine a petite asian girl doing everything. That’s someone who has a lot of hats and things to hold onto. The good thing about that is: cool, I want to learn how to do everything. The bad thing is: I don’t know exactly what I want as a life career. 
As I’m trying to figure things out, like how to write the perfect cover letter for a potential job to understanding what my relevance and contribution to this world would be, all I know that every day, I want to be a bit wiser and have made at least one person feel loved. 

Author: missarve

I'm a storyteller.

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