Lesson’s from July 2016

Self-improvement and continuous growth from personal experiences is what I’ve been seeking ever since… forever. This past month was a bit more special when it comes to self-taught lessons.

When the new term began, many things were flung my way. Longer working hours, more job-related responsibilities, and making some tough life decisions. This past month has definitely been a rollercoaster and I’m fortunate to have family and friends here and back home who were willing to be a listening ear to this gal. I mean, I am human and do constant need of advice from my peers…

So here are the following lessons I’ve learned this  month.

  1. Work-life balance is definitely a huge deal for me. Before the beginning of this term, my working schedule was tolerable. But now… let’s just say that it’s been quite tough. During the lectures I’ve attended in college, my professors have repeatedly emphasized the importance of a work-life balance. It is a very important aspect that organizations should respect towards their employees. I never realized just how true those lessons were until I now live such an unbalanced life-style. As much as I love teaching my students and seeing them improve on their conversational skills, I’d like to have a life separate from work. Not live and breathe for work. Because of the working culture here in Korea, I can see and understand why this culture became so. South Korea is a country that quickly turned its economy around after several tough years. The importance of hard-work and supporting self can still be witnessed to this day. But this recipe isn’t for me.
  2. Time is currency. Spend it wisely. Because I now work longer hours, spending time on the WHAT is important. I had to revisit what things were important to me and came out with the following: health, sleep, and sanity. In addition, I’ve become much more selective of WHO I spend my time with. So… note that if I spend time with you outside of work, just know that you must be pretty darn special...
  3. Invest on having a special skill. This past month, I’ve been teaching English 1:1 to a lady who has an age in which many normally retire. But since she has a special skill, she’s still working and is in demand for it. She’s loving it and traveling around the world with it. Life goals can I say?
  4. Have a hobby and keep it. Back to the same woman I’ve been teaching 1:1 to – she doesn’t just focus on her specialty, she also has a couple of hobbies; learning English and memorizing and writing poetry. She’s the type of woman I’d like to be when I’m older. Unfortunately, since I’m still learning how to balance my life and am lacking inspiration, I haven’t had the chance to be very creative (specifically the YouTube aspect…)

So there it is – the four lessons I’ve learned this past month. What lessons have you been learning yourself?



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