Of Challenges

Days ’til graduation: 34. 

A couple weeks ago, I learned of a job opportunity that I found interesting. The position is a guest service and coordinator for a local business. Although school is nearly ending, I felt that I was pretty stagnant and wanted to learn something new. So, I called that local business and went in for an interview. Towards the end of my interview, my interviewer gave me a challenge: draft a one year marketing plan. 

Marketing is not my emphasis. And although all my classes do touch base on some level of marketing (like class presentations), I have not been formally trained in it in any my business classes. The closest thing I could possibly think of to a marketing plan were business plans and social media plans (from one of the Communication classes I took). So although I was at a disadvantage when my interviewer asked me to write a marketing plan, I took up the challenge nonetheless. 

Writing it up took me a couple of days. I was lucky that my mentor is the VP of PR and Marketing here at school, so she gave me some great pointers. After putting it all together, I finally sent it in. 

Although my mentor said that the plan looked good, I don’t think I’ll be getting the job at all. However, it still was a great learning experience. 

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