Before the graduation bell rings… 

bell tower puc

Formerly posted on an old blog, I repost it here. 

It’s funny to look back on these past years of my undergraduate school years. Just when I thought I would learn the answers to everything through these classroom walls, I couldn’t be more wrong.

There’s a bigger world out there, and I’ve barely scratched its surface.


Yes, the internet has allowed me to have a sneak peak on that world, but it’s not the same if I’ve never stepped into it.


Growing in an Adventist bubble, many who’ve been in this same boat as I am in, understand this weird culture: be good, no drugs, no alcohol, dress appropriately – especially when you’re at church, be respectful… (goes on with the Pathfinder pledge and law – another Adventist thing). I’m not saying that growing in all that is bad. I think it’s great, but it sucks to be shocked and naive in a lot of issues in which a lot of other kids have already experienced that I haven’t even seen until I entered public school in my high school years. (I actually miss that life I knew back when I was younger – it was very simple).


I’m not saying that I know a lot of things. I really don’t. Life after college is scaring me actually. The fact that I haven’t gotten the life skill of saving and budgeting down is scary. And no promises of having a job AFTER I graduate is even scarier. That fear of heading back to live with my parents is kind of embarrassing.. so for now search continues.


By this time of year, I thought I would get a lot of things down, but I still haven’t. Last year, I was in a student leadership position and learning a lot of things I promised myself not to repeat. However, as I am placed in another leadership position, life throws its curveball at me and I’m back in square one.


What I’m trying to say is: everything sometimes won’t work out the way you would initially plan it out to be. If that happens, ok, have a tear or two (or a rant or two), then carry on.

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